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Provincial Highway 86 (Taiwan)

Provincial Highway 86 (Chinese: 台86線) is an expressway, which begins in South District, Tainan on Provincial Highway No. 17 and ends in Guanmiao District, Tainan on National Highway No. 3 in Taiwan.

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Provincial Highway 86
Route information
Maintained by Directorate General of Highways
Length20 km (10 mi)
Major junctions
West end Prov 17 in South District, Tainan City
  Nat 1 in Rende, Tainan City
East end Nat 3 in Guanmiao, Tainan City
Highway system
Highway system in Taiwan
Prov 84Prov 88
Provincial Highway 86


The total length is 20 km.

Exit ListEdit

The entire route is within Tainan City.

City Location km[1] Mile Exit Name Destinations Notes
Tainan CitySouth District00.00Tainan End  Prov 17 – Cheting, AnpingBegin Freeway
21.22WanliYongcheng Rd.
Rende5.33.35Tainan  Prov 1 – Central Tainan City, Hunei
8.75.48Rende System  Nat 1 – Central Tainan City, Lujhu
10.36.410Shanglun  TR tn151 – Rende, Guiren
Guiren11.87.311Datan  TR tn149 – Guiren, Datan, THSR Tainan Station
16.910.516Guiren  Cty 182 – Guiren, Guanmiao
Guanmiao18.911.718-  Prov 19aEnd Freeway
20.012.420Guanmiao  Nat 3 – Xinhua, Tianliao
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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The highway has been completed as of December 15, 2013.


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