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Producers Sales Organization (PSO) was an independent motion picture production and sales company founded in 1977.[1] Initiated by Mark Damon, an actor-turned-producer,[1] PSO mostly handled foreign sales of independent films. It was initially a partnership between Damon, producer Sandy Howard, and Richard St. Johns, who worked for Arthur Guinness Son & Co. At one point, it was a subsidiary of Guinness.[2] In its final years of existence, PSO briefly became a full-fledged production company.

Despite releasing many successful films, PSO ran into financial problems and was forced into bankruptcy in 1986, effectively ending the company.[3] Many of its employees were soon hired by Vestron Pictures to run a new foreign sales unit dubbed Producers Distribution Organization, later renamed Interaccess Film Distribution, Inc.[4][5][6]

A year after PSO ended, Damon founded a new company, with Peter Guber and Jon Peters, called Vision International.[1]

A majority of the PSO library would ultimately end up with Lionsgate, and then Mel Gibson and his Icon International company.



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