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Pro-Ject Audio Systems is a manufacturer of audiophile equipment, founded in 1991 by Heinz Lichtenegger[1] and located in Mistelbach[2], Austria. Pro-Ject Audio Systems designs the products in Austria and produces them in Europe (the manufacturing plants are Czech Republic and Slovakia). It produces a range of audio equipment including a family of turntables,[3][4] which are often quoted as reference entry-level models. Pro-Ject Audio System also manufactures a range of micro hi-fi components such as Amps, CD Transports, Phono Stages, Streaming Devices and more.[5][6][7][8] Today, Pro-Ject Audio Systems ship into more than 80 countries world-wide.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems
HeadquartersMistelbach, Austria
Key people
Heinz Lichtenegger (founder and director)
ProductsHi-fi equipment
Number of employees
approx. 300

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