Prisons in South Africa

The Zonderwater Prison, Cullinan, Gauteng

Prisons in South Africa are run by the Department of Correctional Services. According to the ministry, there are approximately 34,000 employees of the department running 240 prisons.[citation needed] In those prisons are nearly 156,000 inmates as of August 2013.[1] The prisons include minimum, medium and maximum security facilities. Since 2012, the Minister of Correctional Services has been S'bu Ndebele.[2][3][4][5]

Notable former South African prisonersEdit

During the Apartheid era, many political activists were imprisoned for campaigning against the government.[citation needed] These include: convicted ANC "terrorists" such as Nelson Mandela (1962-1990), Walter Sisulu, (1963-1989), Govan Mbeki (1963-1987), Raymond Mhlaba (1963-1989), Tokyo Sexwale (1977-1990) and many others. A notable recent inmate was Annanias Mathe, a serial killer, the only person to escape from the maximum security prison C Max in Pretoria.

Notable current and former prisons in South AfricaEdit

Notable prisons include:


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