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The Prime Minister of Algeria is the head of government of Algeria.Noureddine Bedoui has been the Prime Minister since 11 March 2019.

Prime Minister of Algeria
رئيس حكومة الجزائر
Premier ministre d'Algérie
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Noureddine Bedoui.jpg
Noureddine Bedoui

since 11 March 2019
AppointerAbdelaziz Bouteflika,
as President of Algeria
Inaugural holderAhmed Ben Bella
Formation27 September 1962

He is appointed by the President of Algeria, along with other ministers and members of the government that the new Prime Minister recommends. The People's National Assembly must approve the legislative program of the new government or the Assembly is dissolved and the prime minister must resign.

There are no constitutional limits on a prime minister's term. The longest serving Prime Minister was Mohamed Ben Ahmed Abdelghani, who served under President Chadli Bendjedid from 8 March 1979 until 22 January 1984. He served as the first Prime Minister since 1963, when the position was abolished.

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