Preludes, Op. 31 (Alkan)

Charles-Valentin Alkan wrote 25 preludes for solo piano or organ in 1844; they were published as his Op. 31 in 1847. These preludes span all 24 major and minor keys, plus an additional 25th prelude in C major.[1]

The Preludes, Op. 31Edit

  1. Lentement, C major
  2. Assez lentement, F minor
  3. Dans le genre ancien, D major
  4. Prière du soir, F minor
  5. Psaume 150me, D major
  6. Ancienne mélodie de la synagogue, G minor
  7. Librement mais sans secousses, E major
  8. Le chanson de la folle au bord de la mer, A minor
  9. Placiditas, E major
  10. Dans le style fugué, A minor
  11. Un petit rien, F major
  12. Le temps qui n'est plus, B minor
  13. J'étais endormie, mais mon cœur veillait, G major
  14. Rapidement, B minor
  15. Dans le genre gothique, G major
  16. Assez lentement, C minor
  17. Rêve d'amour, A major
  18. Sans trop de mouvement, C minor
  19. Prière du matin, A major
  20. Modérement vite et bien caracterise, D minor
  21. Doucement, B major
  22. Anniversaire, E minor
  23. Assez vite, B major
  24. Étude de velocite, E minor
  25. Prière, C major


Alkan's contemporary François-Joseph Fétis cautioned critics and the public not to compare Op. 31 with the works of Chopin:

"We must not expect to find in this artist's volume of preludes a flurry of fast notes by means of which certain pianists presage the skill before the performance of a piece. Alkan is a person of heart and mind; his preludes are dream-like which conceal a very calculated and finished art form."[2]

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