Prades Mountains

Prades Mountains, also known as Muntanyes de Prades, is a large calcareous mountain massif straddling the comarcas of Alt Camp, Baix Camp, Conca de Barberà, Garrigues and Priorat, in Catalonia, Spain. They are a Site of Community Importance.

Prades Mountains
Muntanyes de Prades
Puig den Cama.jpg
View over the Puig d'en Cama
Highest point
Elevation1,203 m (3,947 ft)
Coordinates41°17′34″N 1°02′42″E / 41.29278°N 1.04500°E / 41.29278; 1.04500Coordinates: 41°17′34″N 1°02′42″E / 41.29278°N 1.04500°E / 41.29278; 1.04500
Prades Mountains is located in Catalonia
Prades Mountains
Prades Mountains
Catalonia, Spain
LocationConca de Barberà, Garrigues, Priorat, (Catalonia)
Parent rangeCatalan Pre-Coastal Range
Mountain typeLimestone
Easiest routeFrom Prades

These mountains have characteristic large and rounded rocky outcrops. They are mostly heavily forested with oak and pine trees, and the non-native chestnut tree has adapted to the local forests.


The range runs in an east to west direction and is part of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range. The main peak is Tossal de la Baltasana (1203 m), other summits are Mola d'Estat (1127 m), Mola dels Quatre Termes (1117 m), La Mussara (1055 m), and Punta de la Barrina (1013 m).[1] The 731 m high Tossal de la Creu is a visible landmark from the Poblet Monastery, located at the foot of the range.

The Francolí River has its source in these mountains as well as other minor local rivers.


The Prades Mountains are a large massif with many smaller subranges extending over the following municipal terms: L'Albiol, Alcover, L'Aleixar, Alforja, Almoster, Arbolí, Capafonts, Cornudella de Montsant, L'Espluga de Francolí, La Febró, Montblanc, Mont-ral, La Pobla de Cérvoles, Prades, La Riba, La Selva del Camp, Ulldemolins, Vallclara, Vilaplana, Vilanova de Prades, Vilaverd, El Vilosell and Vimbodí i Poblet.


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