Pothireddypadu Reservoir

Velugodu Reservoir is a balancing reservoir and located across the Galeru river, a tributary of Kundu River in Penner River basin, at Velugodu town in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.[1][2][3] This reservoir is part of Telugu Ganga project and mainly fed by gravity canal from back waters of Srisailam Dam through Pothireddypadu head / flow regulator located across the feeder canal. Velugodu Reservoir has gross storage capacity of 16.95Tmcft at 265 m MSL full reservoir level.

Velgodu Balancing Reservoir
Velgodu Balancing Reservoir is located in Andhra Pradesh
Velgodu Balancing Reservoir
Velgodu Balancing Reservoir
LocationVelgode, Kurnool district
Coordinates15°43′28″N 78°35′33″E / 15.72444°N 78.59250°E / 15.72444; 78.59250Coordinates: 15°43′28″N 78°35′33″E / 15.72444°N 78.59250°E / 15.72444; 78.59250
Primary inflowscanal from Srisailam reservoir
Primary outflowsGaleru river
Catchment areaPenna River
Basin countriesIndia

This feeder canal called Srisailam right main canal (SRMC) also supplies water to Chennai city drinking water, Srisailam Right Bank Canal, K. C. Canal and Galeru Nagari Canal in addition to divert the Krishna river flood water to Penna river for storage in Somasila and Kandaleru reservoirs situated in Nellore district. The maximum flow capacity of the canal is 44,000 cusecs at full supply level of 267.92 metres (879 ft) MSL[4][5] The sill/crest level of the SRMC at its starting point or Pothireddypadu head regulator is 848 feet (258 m) MSL.

As the canal water flow by gravity is not satisfactory when the Srisailam reservoir water level is below 264 metres (866 ft), a pump house to transfer 33,000 cusecs into the canal from the 830 feet (253 m) water level of the Srisailam reservoir is taken up on urgent basis.


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