Updating the news Edit

There are a few things to consider when updating the "News" section of the Literature Portal:

  • Remember that we are writing for an international audience, so try not to center all the literature news around one country. This may be difficult on some days, but there's always something going on around the world.
  • Include a link to the original news item. List only the URL in single brackets, with the source name in parentheses. If there are multiple pages with stories about the news item, list them all.
  • Include links to Wikipedia articles. Don't worry about the links being red links vs. blue links, link it. As more people use the portal, more people will notice red links and (hopefully) fill in articles behind them. However, check the links that you do create to ensure that they are pointing at the appropriate articles and not at disambiguation pages or redirects.
  • Limit the number of news items to 10. The length of news items is not particularly restricted.
  • There is no need to add images to news items.
  • List news events in date descending order. The most current event should be listed first, the least current last. New items can be added in positions other than first as long as they are listed in the proper date order.

News sources Edit

New news on books can be found at: