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  • February 2023 - Italian poet Francesco Benozzo has been nominated also this year for the Nobel Prize in Literature. He belongs to the tradition of oral poetry: author of long epic poems about natural landscapes, he usually composes them orally and perform them with his harp. He is the author of several books, including academic works on oral poetry, anarchism, shamanism, ethnophilology, and landscape in literature [1]. As a song-writer, he released 12 CDs, produced in Italy, Denmark and UK, and won two special mentions at the Edinburgh Folk Awards. He represented Italian poetry at many inportant Festivals of Literature. Benozzo also performed in Rome with Wislawa Szymborska [2]. In 2022 he won the international prize “Poets from the Frontier” [3] His most important epic long-poems have been recently translated into English in a volume titled Sciamanica [4].