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Popular socialism or people's socialism (Danish: Folkesocialisme) is a distinct socialist current from the Nordic countries.

In that context the term can be said to represent a distinct ideological tendency, originating from Aksel Larsen's split from the Communist Party of Denmark in 1956. Larsen founded the Socialist People's Party (SF), which placed itself between communism and social democracy.[1] In Norway a similar party, the Socialist People's Party was formed by an anti-NATO/anti-European Economic Community-split from the Labour Party and later became the backbone of Socialist Left Party (SV). Today, both the Danish SF[2][3][4] and the Norwegian SV identify their ideological base as 'popular socialism'. In Sweden the term has sometimes been used and there were at one point discussions within the rightist section of the Left Party on forming a political project with the Danish SF as model, but the split was eventually avoided.

Inspired by green politics and democratic socialism, popular socialism places emphasis on grassroots democracy, social justice, and environmentalism. Popular socialist parties participate in democratic elections to gain clout and influence policy, but do not consider the power of government as their primary goal, preferring to work within participatory systems on a local level.[3]

Around the world there are many parties called Popular Socialist Party or likewise, which does not really imply any specific ideological direction.

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