Popular Unity (Montenegro)

Popular Unity (Montenegrin and Serbian: Narodna Sloga/Народна Слога) was an opposition political alliance in Montenegro. The alliance was formed by two major opposition parties in Montenegro at time, the People's Party (NS) and Liberal Alliance of Montenegro (LSCG), prior to the 1996 parliamentary election.[1] Slavko Perović's idea for the alliance was that it would open the way for "reconciliation between Montenegrins and Montenegrin Serbs". Kilibarda's party was Serbian nationalist.[2] The main goal of the alliance was to overthrow the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) of president Momir Bulatović, which has been in power since introduction of multi-party system. The coalition of liberals and populists won 24.91% of votes and gained only 19 MPs, 11 of which belonged to NS and 8 to LSCG. However, LSCG terminated the coalition after the decision of NS to enter into coalition with ruling DPS.

Popular Unity

Народна Слога
Narodna Sloga
LeaderNovak Kilibarda
Slavko Perović
Political positionBig tent
Coloursblue and yellow
Seats won in the 1996 parliamentary election
19 / 71

Member partiesEdit

Party name Abbr. Leader Ideology Seats before Change Seats won
People's Party
Narodna stranka
Народна странка
NS Novak Kilibarda Conservatism
14 / 71
11 / 71
Liberal Alliance
Liberalni savez
Либерални савез
LSCG Slavko Perović Liberalism
13 / 71
8 / 71


Parliamentary electionEdit

Parliament of Montenegro
Year Popular vote % of popular vote Seats before Seat change Overall seats won Government
1996 74,963 24.91%
27 / 71
19 / 71


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