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The Drava River at Maribor, Slovenia

Podravina (in Croatian) or Podravje (in Slovenian) are Slavic names for the Drava river basin in Croatia and Slovenia.



Between 1929 and 1941 a province of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia known as the Drava Banovina (Drava province) existed in the area with its capital in Ljubljana. The Drava Banovina comprised most of present-day Slovenia.

Today, one of the counties in Croatia is named Virovitica-Podravina.

Major cities and towns along the riverEdit

Cities and towns in Slovenia:

Cities and towns in Croatia:

The state route D2 connects all Croatian towns in Podravina.

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Coordinates: 46°34′5.36″N 15°36′2.26″E / 46.5681556°N 15.6006278°E / 46.5681556; 15.6006278