Please Don't Destroy

Please Don't Destroy is a comedy group in New York City consisting of Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy, who began collaborating as students at New York University. The group was originally founded in 2017 and based on an act entitled Please Don't Destroy My Farm.[1] The troupe performed monthly comedy shows, appeared at the New York Comedy Festival and produced sketch videos posted to YouTube.[1][2][3] During the COVID-19 pandemic they began creating shorter videos for TikTok and Twitter.[1][4]

Please Don't Destroy
GenresSatire, surreal humour, off-color humor
Years active2017–present
MembersBen Marshall
John Higgins
Martin Herlihy

In 2021 the trio was hired as writers on Saturday Night Live (SNL) to produce prerecorded digital videos for the show's 47th season.[5][6] Please Don't Destroy debuted on SNL on October 9, 2021.[4][7] They recorded the song "Three Sad Virgins" with Pete Davidson and Taylor Swift.[8]

Herlihy is the son of former SNL head writer and producer Tim Herlihy, while Higgins' father is long-time SNL writer, announcer and producer Steve Higgins.[9][4]

List of prerecorded sketchesEdit

Season 47 (2021–22)Edit

Title Original airdate Description
Hard Seltzer October 9, 2021 Three SNL writers; Martin, Ben and John, discover a variety of hard seltzers.
Rami Wants a Treat October 16, 2021 Host Rami Malek explains why he deserves to be rewarded for being on his best behavior at Saturday Night Live. Recorded for Malek's episode but cut for time.
Calling Angie November 6, 2021 John tries to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend Angie (Sarah Sherman), but the call goes off the rails.
Three Sad Virgins November 13, 2021 Pete Davidson creates a music video about three sad virgins (Marshall, Higgins, Herlihy) and is joined by special guest Taylor Swift.
Touch Up November 20, 2021 Martin, Ben, and John discuss the work they've had done, including Ben's botox and John's longer fingers. Written for the Simu Liu episode but cut for time.
Future Selves December 11, 2021 Martin, Ben, and John are visited by their future selves who warn them of disasters, but they become distracted by how disappointing their future lives are. Written for the Billie Eilish episode, but was cut for time.
New Personalities January 22, 2022 The three writers try out some new personalities such as 'Dude whose years of research got rocked' and 'The Subway Guy'. Written for the Will Forte episode but cut for time.
Martin's Friend January 29, 2022 Martin introduces his new friend Connor to John and Ben. Initially John and Ben dislike Connor but the four end up becoming friends. Connor wants to pitch jokes to Colin Jost for Weekend Update, and Jost appears telling Connor he loves them.
Good Variant February 26, 2022 A celebration breaks out after news of a new COVID variant that's actually good. Host John Mulaney plays a news anchor reporting on the new variant. Paul Rudd tests positive for the variant and passes it to Martin, Ben and John. Al Roker and Sarah Sherman also join the celebrations.
We Got Her a Cat March 12, 2022 The three writers plan to surprise host Zoë Kravitz with a cat, but it doesn't go as expected. Paul Dano is found to be living in the writers' office as he is doing research for a movie about "three guys who suck".
Three Normal Goths April 2, 2022 A group of goths with conventional tastes live completely normal lives. Host Jerrod Carmichael appears and is judged by the goths for his fashion choices. Filmed for Carmichael's episode but cut for time.
Lizzo Has Writer's Block April 16, 2022 Lizzo needs help writing two new songs for her SNL performance. Andrew Dismukes appears as himself and threatens to kill Lizzo if her new songs aren't good enough.

Season 48 (2022–23)Edit

Title Original airdate Description
Tommy October 8, 2022 Martin, Ben, and John play high school versions of themselves, and find out that their best friend Tommy (played by host Brendan Gleeson) is a 67-year-old Irish man. This is the first PDD sketch to take place completely outside of their office.
Wellness October 15, 2022 The boys talk about things that they do to stay healthy.
Election Night November 12, 2022 New cast member Molly Kearney (they/them) suddenly wins the election for Attorney General of Ohio, and the boys must help them come up with a speech soon. Steve Kornacki cameos as himself, giving the election results.


Title Release Description
Untitled[5] August 18, 2023 Three childhood friends who live and work together, don't like where their lives are headed, and set off to find gold treasure rumored to be buried on a nearby mountain.


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