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Pink Pages was an Indian LGBT magazine that published online and print issues from 2009 to 2017. [1]

Pink Pages
Monsoon 2012 cover
Circulation6000 (2009 est.)
Publication history2009-2017


Pink Pages was founded by in 2009, with Udayan Dhar as the editor in chief.[2][3] The magazine was distributed online free of cost and had readers and contributors from across India, making it an LGBT magazine with a national focus. Pink Pages, combined politics, activism and interviews with celebrities, lifestyle stories and readers’ own personal accounts.[4][5]

The first issue was released within days of the historic Delhi High Court judgement decriminalizing homosexuality in India.[6][7]

Pink Pages was denied permission to print by the Registrar of Newspapers in India in October 2010, which was widely viewed as a homophobic act by the Government body.[8][9]. The first print issue was eventually released in 2016.


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