Pilot Peak (Wyoming)

Pilot Peak, el. 11,522 feet (3,512 m), is a prominent mountain peak in the Absaroka Range in Park County, Wyoming. The peak is visible from US Route 212, the Beartooth Highway just east of the Northeast Entrance Station to Yellowstone National Park. Index Peak rises just north of Pilot Peak.

Pilot Peak
Pilot and Index Peaks Wyoming.jpg
Pilot Peak (left)
Highest point
Elevation11,522 feet (3,512 m)
Coordinates44°58′36″N 109°52′56″W / 44.97667°N 109.88222°W / 44.97667; -109.88222 (Pilot Peak)Coordinates: 44°58′36″N 109°52′56″W / 44.97667°N 109.88222°W / 44.97667; -109.88222 (Pilot Peak)[1]
Pilot Peak is located in Wyoming
Pilot Peak
Pilot Peak
Parent rangeAbsaroka Range


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