Philip I, Duke of Brabant

Philip I, Duke of Brabant, also known as Philip of Saint Pol (25 July 1404 – Leuven, 4 August 1430), was the younger son of Antoine, Duke of Brabant and Jeanne of Saint-Pol, and succeeded his brother John IV as Duke of Brabant in 1427.[1] He had already been given Saint-Pol and Ligny as an appanage on the death of his grandfather, Waleran III of Luxembourg, Count of Ligny, in 1415 at the Battle of Agincourt.

Philip I, Duke of Brabant
Filip SAint Pol.jpg
Philip I, Duke of Brabant
Count of Ligny and Saint-Pol
Reign25 October 1415 – 4 August 1430
PredecessorWaleran III
Duke of Brabant, Lothier and Limburg
Reign1427 – 4 August 1430
PredecessorJohn IV
SuccessorPhilip II
Born25 July 1404
Died4 August 1430(1430-08-04) (aged 26)
SpouseYolande of Anjou
HouseHouse of Valois-Burgundy
FatherAntoine, Duke of Brabant
MotherJeanne of Saint-Pol

He commanded the Burgundian forces occupying Paris in 1419, but he returned to Brabant in 1420, where the populace complained of his brother's misadministration. He was then declared ruwaard (regent) of Brabant. In 1421, he was reconciled with his brother and resigned the regency. The citizens were pacified by John's "Nieuw Regiment" in 1422.

During his own reign, Philip was forced to grant concessions to the nobility in 1428. Wary of the rise of his cousin and heir Philip the Good in the Hook and Cod wars, he sought a marital alliance with Louis II, Duke of Anjou, against Burgundy, marrying his daughter Yolande of Anjou.
Because this marriage produced no children, his death in 1430 placed Brabant in the hands of his cousin Philip the Good, the next heir, whilst Saint-Pol and Ligny went to his great-aunt, Joan of Luxembourg, by proximity of blood.[2] His wife Yolande was placed in the guardianship of Philip the Good, until she remarried in 1431 to Francis I, Duke of Brittany.


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Philip I, Duke of Brabant
Born: 25 July 1404 Died: 14 August 1430
Preceded by
Waleran III
Count of Saint Pol and Ligny
Succeeded by
Preceded by
John IV
Duke of Brabant, Lothier, and Limburg
Succeeded by
Philip the Good