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Pesca is a town and municipality in the Colombian Department of Boyacá, part of the Sugamuxi Province, a subregion of Boyacá. The town is located in the Eastern Ranges of the Colombian Andes at altitudes between 2,540 metres (8,330 ft) and 4,000 metres (13,000 ft). Pesca is 108 kilometres (67 mi) west from the department capital Tunja and borders Firavitoba in the north, Iza in the northeast, Tuta in the northwest, in the east Tota, Zetaquirá in the south, Rondón and Siachoque in the southwest and Toca in the west.

Municipality and town
Flag of Pesca
Official seal of Pesca
Etymology: Muysccubun: "Strong enclosure"
Location of the municipality and town of Pesca in the Boyacá Department of Colombia
Location of the municipality and town of Pesca in the Boyacá Department of Colombia
Country  Colombia
Department Boyacá Department
Province Sugamuxi Province
Founded 20 December 1548
Founded by Juan de Sanct Martín
 • Mayor Justo Pastor Rodríguez Herrera
 • Municipality and town 282 km2 (109 sq mi)
Elevation 2,858 m (9,377 ft)
Population (2015)
 • Municipality and town 8,032
 • Density 28/km2 (74/sq mi)
 • Urban 2,004
Website Official website



In the Chibcha language of the Muisca, Pesca means "strong enclosure".[1]


Before the arrival of the Spanish in the 1530s, Pesca was part of the Muisca Confederation, a confederation of different rulers; zaques based in Hunza, zipas ruling from Bacatá and caciques in other territories. Pesca was reigned by the iraca of sacred City of the Sun Sugamuxi, now called Sogamoso.

Modern Pesca was founded by Juan de Sanct Martín on December 20, 1548.[2]


Main economical activities in Pesca are agriculture (potatoes, maize, wheat, peas, beans and ibias) and livestock farming.

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