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Municipalities of Colombia

The Municipalities of Colombia are decentralized subdivisions of the Republic of Colombia. Municipalities make up most of the departments of Colombia with 1,122 municipalities (municipios). Each one of them is led by a mayor (alcalde) elected by popular vote and represents the maximum executive government official at a municipality level under the mandate of the governor of their department which is a representative of all municipalities in the department; municipalities are grouped to form departments.

The municipalities of Colombia are also grouped in an association called the Federación Colombiana de Municipios (Colombian Federation of Municipalities), which functions as a union under the private law and under the constitutional right to free association to defend their common interests.[1]



Conforming to the law 1551/12 that modified the sixth article of the law 136/94 [2] the municipalities have the categories listed below:

Category Population more than Revenues ICLD (in monthly minimum wages)
Especial category: 500,001 inhabitants 400,000 and over
First category: 100,001 - 500,000 100,000 - 400,000
Second category: 50,001 - 100,000 50,000 - 100,000
Third category: 30,001 - 50,000 30,000 - 50,000
Fourth category: 20,001 - 30,000 25,000 - 30,000
Fifth category: 10,001 - 20,000 15,000 - 25,000
Sixth category: 10,000 15,000

Amazonas DepartmentEdit

Municipalities of Amazonas and its department corregimientos.

The Department of Amazonas is formed by 2 municipalities which are Leticia and Puerto Nariño; and by "department corregimientos" which is a special combined functions between a presidential power and a corregimiento. The reason for this classification is that the large territory is mostly inhospitable, inhabited only by indigenous peoples and within the Amazon rainforest.

  1. Leticia
  2. Puerto Nariño

Antioquia DepartmentEdit

Arauca DepartmentEdit

Atlántico DepartmentEdit

Bogotá, Capital DistrictEdit

Bolívar DepartmentEdit

Boyacá DepartmentEdit

Caldas DepartmentEdit

Caquetá DepartmentEdit

Casanare DepartmentEdit

Cauca DepartmentEdit

Cesar DepartmentEdit

Chocó DepartmentEdit

Córdoba DepartmentEdit

Cundinamarca DepartmentEdit

La Guajira DepartmentEdit

Guainía DepartmentEdit

Guaviare DepartmentEdit

Huila DepartmentEdit

Magdalena DepartmentEdit

Meta DepartmentEdit

Nariño DepartmentEdit

Norte de Santander DepartmentEdit

Putumayo DepartmentEdit

Quindío DepartmentEdit

Risaralda DepartmentEdit

San Andrés and Providencia DepartmentEdit

Santander DepartmentEdit

Sucre DepartmentEdit

Tolima DepartmentEdit

Valle del Cauca DepartmentEdit

Vaupés DepartmentEdit

Municipalities of Vaupés.
  1. Caruru
  2. Mitú
  3. Taraira
Department Corregimientos
  1. Pacoa
  2. Papunahua
  3. Yavarate
Municipal Corregimientos
  1. Acaricuara
  2. Villa Fátima

Vichada DepartmentEdit

Municipalities of Vichada.
  1. Cumaribo (including the former department corregimientos of San José de Ocune and Santa Rita)
  2. La Primavera
  3. Puerto Carreño
  4. Santa Rosalía


  • 1954 Special District of Bogotá
  • 1991: Capital District of Bogotá, Industrial and Portuarial District of Barranquilla, Historical, Cultural and Touristic District of Santa Marta and Cultural and Touristic District of Cartagena
  • 2007: Historical and Cultural District of Tunja, Special Industrial, Portuarial, Biodiverse and Ecotouristic, District of Buenaventura, Special, Ecotouristic, Historical and Universitarian District of Popayán, Special Portuarial District of Turbo, Special Border and Touristic District of Cúcuta, Special Industrial, Portuarial, Biodiverse and Ecotouristic, District of Tumaco


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