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Perevolochna (Ukrainian: Переволочна) was a settlement in Kobeliaky Raion (district) of Poltava Oblast (province) of Ukraine close to Svitlohirske. It was situated at the bank of the Dnepr, where a ford enabled people to cross the river. It existed until the Dniprodzerzhynsk reservoir was built in the middle of the 1960s.


Perevolochna was founded at the turn of the 13th to 14th century by the Lithuanian great count Vitaut as a fortified settlement in order to protect his empire against enemies from the East. On July 1, 1709, three days after the Swedish army had been defeated at the Battle of Poltava, the remainder of the Swedish army under General Adam Ludwig Lewenhaupt surrendered at Perevolochna to Russian Empire General Aleksandr Menshikov near Perevolochna. King Charles XII of Sweden, hetman Ivan Mazepa and Kost Hordiienko with 3,000 Swedes and Cossacks managed to cross the Dnieper river and take refuge into Turkish-held Moldavia.