Perevalsk (Ukrainian: Перевальськ; Russian: Перевальск) is a city in the southwestern part of the Luhansk Oblast (province) of Ukraine. It is the administrative center of Perevalsk Raion. Population: 25,044 (2020 est.)[1], 25,941 (2013 est.)[2].


Perevalsk City Hall
Perevalsk City Hall
Coat of arms of Perevalsk
Coat of arms
Perevalsk is located in Ukraine
Coordinates: 48°26′N 38°49′E / 48.433°N 38.817°E / 48.433; 38.817Coordinates: 48°26′N 38°49′E / 48.433°N 38.817°E / 48.433; 38.817
Country Ukraine
Oblast Luhansk Oblast
RaionPerevalsk Raion
City status1964
30 km2 (10 sq mi)
259 m (850 ft)

Perevalsk was founded in 1889 as Seleznyovsky Quarry, for the workers in coal mining and it belonged to Podolian nobleman and Imperial Russian loyal subject Kazimierz Mscichowski. Over time it grew by incorporating similar miner's settlements. In 1924 it was renamed as imeni Parizhskoi Kommuny (after the Paris Commune) out of brevity was referred to as Parkommuna. In 1938 it adopted its shortened name, Parkommuna, as official, and in 1964 it acquired its present name. In 1964, it became the administrative center of the newly established Perevalsk Raion.[3]

Perevalsk borders immediately on the larger town of Alchevsk which in 1961–1991 also was named after the Paris Commune as Kommunarsk.

Since 2014, Perevalsk has been controlled by forces of the Luhansk People's Republic.[4] According to Ukrainian news reports Luhansk People's Republic military formations, on at least two occasions in 2020 and 2021, desecrated and damaged a local cemetery by driving through it with tanks.[5]


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