People's Palace of Culture

The People's Palace of Culture (Korean: 인민문화궁전; Hanja: 人民文化宮殿) is a palace and theater located in Pyongyang, North Korea.[1] Construction for the building finished in January 1974 and was opened to the public in April 1974.[2] South Korean President Kim Dae-jung was given a welcome ceremony at the People's Palace of Culture during the 2000 inter-Korean summit.[3]

People's Palace of Culture
LocationChollima Street, Central District Pyongyang, North Korea
OpenedApril 1974

The building is four stories tall and has a basement floor as well.[4]

People's Palace of Culture
Revised RomanizationInmin Munhwa Gungjeon
McCune–ReischauerInmin Munhwa Kungjŏn

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