Peltigera membranacea is a species of lichenized fungus in the family Peltigeraceae. It has a foliose growth pattern, with what appear to be veins in the leaf-like parts, but these do not have a vascular function.[1] The apothecia are erect, numerous, and often a bright brown-orange in colour.[2] Some simple sequence repeat markers have been developed for both the fungal partner (mycobiont) of Peltigera membranacea and its Nostoc photobiont partner; these allow for both population genetic studies and an alternative means of identifying between P. membranacea and its lookalikes.[3]

Peltigera membranacea
Scientific classification Edit this classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Lecanoromycetes
Order: Peltigerales
Family: Peltigeraceae
Genus: Peltigera
P. membranacea
Binomial name
Peltigera membranacea
(Ach.) Nyl. (1887)
  • Peltidea canina var. membranacea Ach. (1810)

References Edit

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