Peasants' Party of Slovakia

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Peasants' Party of Slovakia
Roľnícka strana Slovenska
LeaderPavel Delinga
Merged intoNew Agrarian Party
Political positionCentre

The Peasants' Party of Slovakia (Roľnícka strana Slovenska, RSS) was a Slovak Party from 1989 to 1997. It was established during the Velvet revolution.

During Slovak parliamentary elections in 1994 the party entered parliament as part of a joint electoral list with the HZDS.

Chairman of the party was Paul Delinga, vice president Miroslav Maxon.

In 1997 the RSS got about 1-2% in the polls and that's why merged with the Movement of the Farmers of the Slovak Republic (Hnutím poľnohospodárov SR, HP SR).

The name of the new Party was New Agrarian Party (Nová agrárna strana, NAS). Chairman of the NAS was Paul Delinga, too. 1998 the NAS merged with the then governing party HZDS.


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