1994 Slovak parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Slovakia on 30 September and 1 October 1994.[1] The early elections were necessary after the Vladimír Mečiar 1992 government had been recalled in March 1994 by the National Council and a new temporary government under Jozef Moravčík had been created at the same time.

1994 Slovak parliamentary election

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All 150 seats in the National Council
76 seats needed for a majority
Turnout2,932,669 (75.65%)
Decrease 8.55 pp
  First party Second party Third party
Vladimir Meciar.jpg
H.E.Peter Weiss 2014.JPG
Béla Bugár.jpg
Leader Vladimír Mečiar Peter Weiss Béla Bugár
Party HZDS Common Choice MKDM
Last election 74 seats, 37.3% 29 seats, 19.8%[a] 14 seats, 9.7%
Seats won
61 / 150
18 / 150
17 / 150
Seat change Decrease 13 Decrease 11 Increase 3
Popular vote 1,005,488 299,496 492,507
Percentage 35.0% 10.4% 10.2%
Swing Decrease 2.3 pp Decrease 9.4 pp Increase 0.5 pp

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Ján Čarnogurský (2012).jpg
Leader Ján Čarnogurský Jozef Moravčík Ján Ľupták
Last election 18 seats, 8.9 % New party New party
Seats won
17 / 150
15 / 150
13 / 150
Seat change Decrease 1 New party New party
Popular vote 289,987 246,444 211,321
Percentage 10.1% 8.6% 7.4%
Swing Increase 1.2 pp New party New party

  Seventh party
Zilina P6112384-selection.jpg
Leader Ján Slota
Party SNS
Last election 15 seats, 8.0%
Seats won
9 / 150
Seat change Decrease 6
Popular vote 155,359
Percentage 5.4%
Swing Decrease 2.5 pp

Prime Minister before election

Jozef Moravčík

Prime Minister

Vladimír Mečiar

The governing Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) lost seats, but remained the largest party in the National Council with over three times as many seats as the second-placed Common Choice, a left-wing alliance, which almost failed to enter the parliament despite its good performance in pre-election opinion polls. After the election, the HZDS formed a coalition with the Union of the Workers of Slovakia and the Slovak National Party.

Participating partiesEdit

Party Abbr. Founded Ideology Leader
Movement for a Democratic Slovakia
Hnutie za demokratické Slovensko
HZDS 1991 National conservatism,
Slovak nationalism, Populism
Vladimír Mečiar
Common Choice
Spoločná voľba
SV 1994 Democratic socialism,
Social democracy,
Left-wing populism
Peter Weiss
Hungarian Coalition (MKM–)EMPP)
Maďarská koalícia (MKM–E–MPP)
MKDM 1994 Hungarian minority interests,
Christian democracy,
Liberal conservatism
Béla Bugár
Christian Democratic Movement
Kresťanskodemokratické hnutie
KDH 1990 Christian democracy,
Ján Čarnogurský
Democratic Union of Slovakia
Demokratická únia Slovenska
DÉUS 1994 Liberal conservatism,
Conservative liberalism,
Jozef Moravčík
Union of the Workers of Slovakia
Združenie robotníkov Slovenska
ZRS 1994 Agrarian socialism,
Ján Ľupták
Slovak National Party
Slovenská národná strana
SNS 1989 Slovak nationalism,
Right-wing populism,
Ján Slota


Movement for a Democratic SlovakiaPeasants' Party of Slovakia1,005,48834.97–2.2961–13
Common Choice299,49610.42–9.3618–11
Hungarian Coalition (MKMEMPP)292,93610.19+0.4717+3
Christian Democratic Movement289,98710.08+1.2017–1
Democratic Union of Slovakia246,4448.57New15New
Union of the Workers of Slovakia211,3217.35New13New
Slovak National Party155,3595.40–2.539–6
Democratic Party98,5553.43+0.1200
Communist Party of Slovakia78,4192.73+1.9700
Christian Social Union59,2172.06–0.9900
New Slovakia38,3691.33New0New
Anti-Corruption Party37,9291.32New0New
Movement for a Prosperous Czech Republic and Slovakia30,2921.05New0New
Roma Civic Initiative19,5420.68+0.0800
Social Democracy7,1210.25New0New
Real Social Democratic Party of Slovaks3,5730.12New0New
Rally for the Republic–The Republicans1,4100.05–0.2800
Valid votes2,875,45898.05
Invalid/blank votes57,2111.95
Total votes2,932,669100.00
Registered voters/turnout3,876,55575.65
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


  1. ^ Combined results for SDĽ, SDSS, and SZ.


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