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Pari Mahal پری محل
Pari Mahal1.jpg
Type Garden
Location Dal Lake, Zabarwan mountain Range, near Cheshmashahi, Srinagar
Opened 1650 AD
Founder Prince Dara Shikoh, son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan
Operated by State Government

Pari Mahal (Hindi: परी महल ) or The Angels' Abode is a seven terraced garden located at the top of Zabarwan mountain range over-looking city of Srinagar and south-west of Dal Lake.[1] The architecture depicts an example of Islamic architecture and patronage of art during the reign of the then Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. It is five-minute drive from Cheshmashahi, Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir, India.



The Pari Mahal was built by Mughal Prince Dara Shikoh in the mid-1600s. It served as a library and an abode for him.[2] Dara Shikoh was said to have lived in this area in the years 1640, 1645, and 1654. It was further used as an observatory, useful for teaching astrology and astronomy.[3] The gardens have since become the property of the Jammu and Kashmir government.[4]


Pari Mahal
A view of terraced structure of the Mahal 
Pari Mahal at night 
the board at parimahal 
the details about parimahal-board ner parimahal 
upper layar a view 
devadar trees at himalayas view form parimahal 
the jail at the top 
garden at parimahal 
the garden 
garden another view 
srinagar-a view from parimahal 
a distant view of parimahal 
view of dal lake from parimahal 
the tank at second floor 

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