Pantami is a district head ward in Gombe Local Government Area[1] of Gombe State, Nigeria.[2] Pantami is located at the terminal southern part of Gombe Local Government area, with Associated Zip Code: 760253.[3] Pantami is one of the largest wards in Gombe local government area with eighteen major polling units.[4]

It is also where the Pantami Stadium, an international stadium with a 12,000 capacity, is located.[5]

Polling units edit

There are 50 polling units in Pantami ward.[6]

  • Wakili Hamza, Kofar W. Hamza
  • Malam Maina, Kofar M. Maina
  • Abba, Kofar Abba.
  • Parasha, Kofar Parasha.
  • Gabukka Primary. School., Gabukka Pri. Sch.
  • Jauro Bappi, Kofar J. Bappi.[7]
  • Malam Kuri I, Pantami Pri. Sch.
  • Malam Kuri Il, Pantami Pri. Sch.
  • Wakili Madu, Kofar Wakili Madu.
  • G. S. A. D. P., Kofar G. S. A. D. P.
  • Maternity, Pantami Maternity.
  • L. Dambam, Kofar L. Dambam.[8]
  • Manawashi, K/j Manawashi.
  • Sarkin Pantami, Kofar S. Pantami

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