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The Pannonia Valeria or simply Valeria, also known as Pannonia Ripensis, was one of the provinces of the Roman Empire. It was formed in the year 296, during the reign of emperor Diocletian, in a division of Pannonia Inferior. The capital of the province was Sopianae (today Pécs). Pannonia Valeria included parts of present-day Hungary and Croatia.

Provincia Pannonia Valeria
Province of the Roman Empire

296–5th century
Location of Pannonia Valeria
Capital Sopianae
 •  Established 296
 •  Domain of the Ostrogoths 5th century
Today part of  Hungary,  Croatia

The province continued as an entity under the rule of the Huns until the rise of the Kingdom of the Ostrogoths in the 5th century.

It then became the central Avar realm then part of the Avar March, later grew into the Duchy of Pannonia and finally the Balaton Principality regaining Pannonia Secunda before being conquered by the Magyars.

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