Pandanadu (also known as Pandavar Nadu) is a village in Chengannur taluk in Alappuzha district, in Kerala, India.[1] According to the 2001 Indian census, Pandanad has a population of 12,466 people.[2]


Pandavar Nadu
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Pandanad is located in Kerala
Pandanad is located in India
Coordinates: 9°20′17.883″N 76°34′36.3612″E / 9.33830083°N 76.576767000°E / 9.33830083; 76.576767000
Country India
 • TypePanchayat
 • Total3.97 sq mi (10.29 km2)
 • Total12,466
 • Density3,107.5/sq mi (1,199.80/km2)
 (Will be higher in 2011)
Time zoneUTC+5.30 (IST)
Post code
689124, 689506
Area code(s)0479
Vehicle Code(KL-30)


A major portion of the village is located on the banks of the Pampa River. The river divides the village into two; Pandanad North and Pandanad West. Pandanad West is 4 km (2 mi) from Chengannur, the nearest town, and 4 km (2 mi) from Mannar. Pandanad North is 6 km (4 mi) from Thiruvalla.

Constituent villagesEdit

  • Muthavazhy
  • Vanmazhy
  • Keezhuvanmazhy
  • Pandanad West
  • Pandanad North
  • Prayar
  • Premattakara


Sugarcane is cultivated in most of the area. However, there are many farms that cultivate pepper, banana, tapioca and coconut palm. Much of the land is rural, and has a rich undergrowth. The more common trees are coconut palms, mahogany and teak.

Boat racingEdit

Pandanadu has 5 Palliyodams (Snake Boats) owned by different "Karas" (locality) viz Pandanad, Keezhuvanmazhy, Vanmazhy, Muthavazhy and Prayar. Among which Keezhuvanmazhy has the biggest one . Keezhuvanmazhy palliyodam was awarded the mannam trophy in 1996, 2015 and second prize in 2008 aranmula utharattati boat race.


A number of schools are located at both parts of the Pandanad Panchayat. They are Swami Vivekanda Higher Secondary School, R.K.V. L.P. School, M.A.M. School, Govt. JBS Pandanad, Keezhuvanmazhy and Prayar.


In 2001, the Pandanad Panchayat had a total population of 12,466,[2] of which males constituted 47.03% of the population and females 52.97%. Pandanad has an average literacy rate of 85.27%, which is higher than the national average [3] of 74.02%; with a male literacy of 85% and female literacy of 77%. There are no scheduled tribes in the Pandanad Village, but there are 1921 people belonging to scheduled caste in the village. Pandanad's two most common religions are Hinduism and Christianity. Pandanad, being a part of Middle Travancore, has been influenced by the Travancore family and the Pandalam royal family, which led to the development of a number of temples in the area, which attracts many devotees from within and outside the state.


Legends tell of how Pandanad was formed by the Pandavas, hence the name Pandava Nadu. Pandanad had many temples that claim origins from the Pandava. Many of these temples attract residents from surrounding states and are believed to be powerful temples.

List of Temples in and around PandanadEdit

Deity Name of the Temple Location
Durga Adichikkavu Sree Durga Devi Kshetram Pandanad West
Durga Karingattukavu Devi Temple Prayar, Pandanad North
Shiva Anandeshwaram Mahadeva Temple Pandanad West
Aalummottil Nada Devi Temple Keezhuvanmazhy, Pandanad West
Vishnu Trikkanvapuram Maha Vishnu Temple Keezhuvanmazhy, Pandanad West
Sree Kartyayni Temple Keezhuvanmazhy, Pandanad West
Vishnu SreeKrishna Swami Temple Keezhuvanmazhy, Pandanad West
Sreeman Kulangara Temple Vanmazhy, Pandanad West
Murugan Kumaramanglam Subramanyaswami Temple Muthavazhy, East of Pandanad
Devi kodungallur kavil sree bhadrakali devi temple temple pandanad
Vishnu Pancha Pandava Temple
Vishnu Trichittattu (Believed to be Erected by Yudhishthira)
Vishnu Tripuliyoor (Believed to be Erected by Bhima)
Tiruaranmula (Believed to be Erected by Arjuna)
Krishna Sree Gosalakrishna Temple(Believed to be Erected by Nakula) Thiruvanvandoor (Adjoining Village)
Durga Cheruvally Bhagavathy Temple Muthavazhy[pulipra] Pandanad East
  1. Thrikkaippurathu Mahavishnu Temple, Prayar, Pandanad North

Kumaramanglam Subramanyaswami TempleEdit

Kumaramanglam Subramanyaswami Temple in Muthavazhy, Pandanad, Kerala, India is dedicated to Murugan and has great historic and architectural importance. The temple dome is believed to be over 2000 years old and is made from iridium.[4] This temple had been added to the list of protected memorials in India. This temple also claims an ancient snake boat that could hold over 80 people. Cheruvally Bhgavathy Temple also called Pulipra temple located at the easternmost part of pandanad in Muthavazhy,


The Churches in the region hold parentage in the arrival of St.Thomas the Apostle in AD 52. There are a various Christian denominations in the area that maintain more than one church in the region. Maramon Convention (a Christian Convention) was started in Kallissery, a town near the Kadavil Malika. With the rise of the Pentecostal Movement in India, many Marthoma, Orthodox, Pentecostal denominations and churches were also started in the region.

Denomination Name of the Church Location
Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church Immanuel Marthoma Church
Pandanad Marthoma Valiya Palli
Jerusalem Marthoma Church
St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church
Umayattukara Mar Thoma Church
Pandanad, Pandanad West
Pandanad North
Prayar, Pandanad North
Pandanad, Pandanad West
Kallissery, Pandanad North
Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Yordhanpuram St. Gregorious Orthodox Church(Kalikunnu Palli)
St. Mary's Orthodox Church [1]
Umayattukara St Thomas orthodox Valiyapally
Pandanad West
Knanaya-Syrian Orthodox church Kallissery Knanaya Valiyapally Kallissery
Syro-Malabar Catholic Church St. Theresas Catholic Church Pandanad West
Syro-Malankara Catholic Church St. Thomas Church Prayar, Pandanad North
Pentecost Church The Pentecost Mission (TPM)

Assemblies of God

Church of God

Brothern Church

IPC Church

Pandanad Parampathur Padi

Pandanad Palli Padi

Pandanad Mithramadam Junction

Pandanad Parampathur Padi

Illimala Palam


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