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Orlice (German: Adler) is a river in the Czech Republic. It is tributary of the Labe (Elbe) river, which it enters in the city of Hradec Králové. Its main tributaries are Divoká Orlice and Tichá Orlice. Part of the Divoká Orlice acts as the international boundary between the Czech Republic and Poland. It is 32.5 km long, and its basin area is about 2,040 km2, of which 1,965 km2 in the Czech Republic.[1]

Tichá Orlice.jpg
Tichá Orlice between Ústí nad Orlicí and Libchavy
CountryCzech Republic
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ location
 ⁃ coordinates
50°12′12″N 15°49′30″E / 50.2034°N 15.8249°E / 50.2034; 15.8249Coordinates: 50°12′12″N 15°49′30″E / 50.2034°N 15.8249°E / 50.2034; 15.8249
Length32.5 km (20.2 mi)
Basin size2,040 km2 (790 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionElbeNorth Sea


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