Hanušovice Highlands

Hanušovice Highlands (Czech: Hanušovická vrchovina, German: Hannsdorfer Bergland) are highlands within the Eastern Sudetes mountain range that runs between Poland and the Czech Republic. It is named after Hanušovice town.

View of the Hanušovice Highlands

The area is 793 km² and its average elevation is 527.2 meters. The highest peak is Jeřáb with 1,003 metres (3,291 ft) above sea level. The highlands mostly consists of crystallized slate and Paleozoic folded sediments with Neogene and Quaternary sediments in lower parts. Isolated rocks often occur on highland peaks.

Coordinates: 49°58′59.51″N 16°59′21.55″E / 49.9831972°N 16.9893194°E / 49.9831972; 16.9893194