Orléans Masters

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The Orléans International championships is an international challenge rated tournament part of the Badminton Europe circuit and run by CLTO Badminton in Orléans, France. The event has been running since 2012 and was formally the French International but changed its name in 2015 so as to avoid confusion with the already established French Open super series held in Paris. The tournament is held in the Palais des Sports in Orléans and is run by local club CLTO Badminton. The tournament has established itself as one of the premier international challenge tournaments on the Badminton Europe circuit with the French fans making it an extra special place for Europe's circuit players to play.

2018 represented a major leap forward for the Orléans International as it gained BWF level 6 status as part of the new Badminton World Federation World Tour. The new Orléans Masters Super 100 tournament replaces the Orléans International with its prize money increasing from $20,000 to $65,000, equivalent to the old Grand Prix level tournaments pre the new World Tour.

Lena Grebak & Mathias Christiansen (DEN) winners MX 2015 & 2016

Past winnersEdit

Year Men's singles Women's singles Men's doubles Women's doubles Mixed doubles
2012   Anand Pawar   Judith Meulendijks   Peter Käsbauer
  Josche Zurwonne
  Judith Meulendijks
  Johanna Goliszewski
  Peter Käsbauer
  Johanna Goliszewski
2013   Rajiv Ouseph   Beatriz Corrales   Adam Cwalina
  Przemysław Wacha
  Rie Eto
  Yu Wakita
  Robert Blair
  Imogen Bankier
2014   Pablo Abián   Imogen Bankier
  Petya Nedelcheva
2015   Dmytro Zavadsky   Natalia Koch Rohde   Matthew Nottingham
  Harley Towler
  Gabriela Stoeva
  Stefani Stoeva
  Mathias Christiansen
  Lena Grebak
2016   Emil Holst   Goh Jin Wei   Richard Eidestedt
  Nico Ruponen
  Heather Olver
  Lauren Smith
2017   Mark Caljouw   Kirsty Gilmour   Liao Min-chun
  Su Cheng-heng
  Asumi Kugo
  Megumi Yokoyama
  Mark Lamsfuß
  Isabel Herttrich
2018   Mark Caljouw   Shiori Saito   Mark Lamsfuß
  Marvin Emil Seidel
  Gabriela Stoeva
  Stefani Stoeva
  Niclas Nøhr
  Sara Thygesen
2019   Koki Watanabe   Saena Kawakami   Lee Yang
  Wang Chi-lin
  Chloe Birch
  Lauren Smith
  Thom Gicquel
  Delphine Delrue

Performance by nationsEdit

Updated after the 2019 edition.

Top Nations
Pos Nation MS WS MD WD XD Total
1   Denmark 1 1 3 5
  Japan 1 2 2 5
3   Germany 2 0.5 2 4.5
4   England 1 1 2 4
5   Netherlands 2 1 0.5 3.5
  Scotland 1 0.5 2 3.5
7   Spain 1 2 3
8   Bulgaria 2.5 2.5
9   Chinese Taipei 2 2
  Poland 2 2
11   France 1 1
  India 1 1
  Malaysia 1 1
  Sweden 1 1
  Ukraine 1 1
Total 8 8 8 8 8 40

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