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Onyx Moonshine is an American twice-distilled alcoholic beverage. Although legally produced, it is marketed as "moonshine".[1] It is made in a microdistillery in East Hartford, Connecticut.[2][3] It was the official spirit of the 2012 Grammy Awards.[4]

Onyx Moonshine
Onyx Moonshine in the Attic.jpg
Typedistilled beverage
ManufacturerOnyx Spirits Company
Country of originConnecticut, United States
Alcohol by volume40.0%
Proof (US)80


Onyx Spirits, the company that produces Onyx Moonshine, was founded by Adam von Gootkin and Peter Kowalczyk in 2011.[5]

The product is distilled in reflux column stills from a mash of mixed corn and grain. After two distillations it is approximately 80% ABV, and is then diluted to bottling strength. The bottles are corked and labeled by hand.[5]

The product is distributed in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.[6]


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