Onchnesoma is one of the two genera that constitute the family Phascolionidae of Phylum Sipuncula, described by Koren and Danielssen established in 1873 as the type species to Onchnesoma steenstrupii.[1][2][3][4][5]

Scientific classification

Koren & Danielssen, 1875

4 (see text)


The species of this genus are usually small in size (with a trunk of less than 1 cm in length). The introverted is much longer than the trunk. The body wall muscle layers presents continuous. The disc may present oral tentacles (usually less than 10 and about 8 mm. in length) arranged around the mouth, but those tentacles can be reduced in size or completely absent. The retractor muscle system is a highly modified introverted form fused to form a muscle retractor. The anus is located in the distal half of introverted. Gallbladder contractile is rarely observed and if present is without villi. They have a single nephridium.[3][5][6][7]


  • Onchnesoma intermedium Murina, 1976[3][5][8]
  • Onchnesoma magnibathum Cutler, 1969[3][5][9][10]
  • Onchnesoma squamatum (Koren y Danielssen, 1875)[3][5][11]
  • Onchnesoma steenstrupii Koren y Danielssen, 1875[3][5][11]


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