Omu Peak (Romanian: Vârful Omu) is a mountain peak of the Bucegi Mountains in Romania. It is located in Brașov, Dâmbovița and Prahova counties.

Omu Peak
Cabana Omu, Varful Omu.JPG
Cabana Omu
Highest point
Elevation2,505–2,514 m (8,219–8,248 ft)
Prominence1,345 m (4,413 ft)
Coordinates45°26′44.95″N 25°27′22.72″E / 45.4458194°N 25.4563111°E / 45.4458194; 25.4563111Coordinates: 45°26′44.95″N 25°27′22.72″E / 45.4458194°N 25.4563111°E / 45.4458194; 25.4563111
Native nameVârful Omu  (Romanian)
Omu Peak is located in Romania
Omu Peak
Omu Peak
Location in Romania
Parent rangeBucegi Mountains

The top of Omu Peak is flat and sprawling; there is a weather station and a tourist shelter (Romanian cabana) Omu (2505 m above sea level),[1] which is the highest mountain shelter in the entire Carpathians. The first wooden shelter was built in 1888 on the initiative of the Transylvanian Carpathian Society. Rebuilt many times, it is now as a stone and wooden building, it offers 30 beds and a buffet. The hostel does not have electricity and running water. It is open from March to November.[2]

The top of the mountain is a rock, several meters,[1] which is probably why different sources indicate different heights of the summit at 2505,[3] 2507[4] and 2514 m[5] above sea level.


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