Odvardt Helmoldt von Lode

Odvardt Helmoldt von Lode, also Odvardt Helmoldt de Lode (c. 1726 – 3 September 1757), was a Danish painter and engraver.

Mogens Scheel von Plessen (1713-1749), Danish nobleman, landowner, and courtier by Odvardt Helmoldt von Lode, 1751

Early life Edit

Lode was the son of the painter and engraver Gustav de Lode. He followed in his father's footsteps and became a painter in Viborg and later in Copenhagen and was first mentioned in documents in 1742. From 1743 on there were articles about him and his work in several magazines.

Works Edit

In 1745 he painted the frontispiece in Altona, Hamburg. He also engraved a series of portraits of notable people, including Tycho Brahe, Adam Gottlob Moltke, Ole Worm, Peter Tordenskjold, Ludvig Holberg (1752) and Johan Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg (1757).

Later life Edit

In 1754 he married a wine merchant's daughter, Karen Nordrup. In 1755 he was awarded the Academy's silver medal. He was then commissioned to engrave the twelve Oldenburg kings. He completed Christian I of Denmark in 1757, but died the same year. His widow died in 1763.

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