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Oceana is an ocean conservation and advocacy organization.

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South AmericaEdit

  • Preserving Punta de Choros: In August 2010, Oceana helped convince Chilean President Sebastiàn Piñera to request the relocation of a coal-fired power plant scheduled to be constructed in a vulnerable region of Chile’s northern coast, Punta de Choros.[1]


  • Saving Sharks: In January 2009, the Spanish government, after campaigning and consulting with Oceana, committed to advancing new shark legislation that would ban the catch of threatened hammerhead and thresher sharks, put in place catch limits for blue sharks and shortfin mako sharks and evaluate the viability of landing sharks "whole" with their fins attached. Spain is one of the largest shark catching and exporting countries in the world. In July 2013, the entire EU enacted a ban on shark finning.[2]

Ocean Hero AwardsEdit

Oceana created the Ocean Heroes Award in 2009 to recognize the efforts of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to ocean conservation. Recipients of the award are announced annually on World Oceans Day, June 8. The Ocean Hero Awards recognized one individual its inaugural year, but the award has since expanded to honor both an adult and a youth Ocean Hero.

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