November 1836 Portuguese legislative election

Parliamentary elections were held in Portugal on 20 November 1836.[1]

Electoral systemEdit

Elections had been held in July 1836 under the Constitutional Charter of 1826 and the Electoral Law of 7 August 1826. However, following the September Revolution, the 1822 constitution was restored. The constitution, together with decrees issued on 8 October and 10 November, created a 130-seat legislature with 122 members elected from multi-member constituencies on the mainland and islands and eight members elected in overseas colonies (six in single-member constituencies and two in a two-seat constituency).[1] However, restrictions on the electoral franchise meant that only around 4.5% of the population were eligible to vote.[1]


The result was a victory for the moderate Setembristas, who won a majority of seats, with the previously ruling Cartistas winning only two seats.[1]


The newly elected Cortes Gerais met on 2 January 1837.[1]