July 1836 Portuguese legislative election

Parliamentary elections were held in Portugal on 17 and 31 July 1836.[1]

Electoral systemEdit

The elections were held under the Constitutional Charter of 1826 and the Electoral Law of 7 August 1826. These provided for a bicameral parliament, the Cortes Gerais, with an elected Chamber of Deputies and a Chamber of Most Worthy Peers whose members were appointed by the monarch or were members of the nobility.[2] The elections were indirect, with voters electing provincial assemblies, who in turn elected members of the Chamber of Deputies.[2] Voting and candidature were restricted to those who met income requirements.[2] The number of Deputies was reduced from 143 in 1834 to 141, with 132 elected from multi-member constituencies on the mainland and islands, and nine from single-member constituencies in overseas colonies.[1]


The result was a victory for the ruling Cartistas, who won 79 seats. The opposition won 30 seats.[1]


The newly elected Cortes Gerais did not meet,[1] and fresh elections were held in November following the September Revolution.[3]


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