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Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (Norwegian: Statens strålevern, abbreviated to NRPA) is a Norwegian public agency under the Ministry of Health and Care Services headquartered in Østerås, Bærum municipality, Greater Oslo Region. It works as an authority in the area of radiation protection and nuclear safety.[1] NRPA falls under the Ministry of Health and Care Services, but serves all ministries and departments on issues relating to radiation.

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority
Statens Straalevern 01.JPG
Agency overview
FormedJanuary 1, 1993 (1993-01-01)
Preceding agencies
JurisdictionGovernment of Norway
HeadquartersØsterås, Bærum, Akershus
Agency executive
Parent agencyMinistry of Health and Care Services


The NRPA was created on January 1, 1993 through the consolidation of the former Nuclear Energy Safety Authority with the National institute of Radiation Hygiene.[2]


The NRPA is responsible for: overseeing the use of radioactive substances and fissile material, coordinating contingency plans against nuclear accidents and radioactive fallout, monitoring natural and artificial radiation in the environment and at the workplace, increasing our knowledge of the occurrence as well as monitoring risk and effects of radiation. It has regional offices in Tromsø and Sør-Varanger and is divided into three sections:[3]

  • Department of Emergency Preparedness and Environmental Radioactivity
  • Department of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety
  • Department of Planning and Administration

International cooperationEdit

NRPA is involved in extensive international cooperation. This includes cooperation on standards of management, but also a growing collaboration on research across borders. NRPA cooperates with International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).[4]


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