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North American Airlines

North American Airlines, Inc., was an American airline with its headquarters at the HLH Building in Peachtree City, Georgia in Greater Atlanta, USA.[2] Prior to May 2008, it operated scheduled international services from the USA to Africa and Guyana. Later it operated domestic and international charter services and wet lease services. Its main aircraft and maintenance base was Tampa International Airport.[3]

North American Airlines
North American Airlines logo.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
Ceased operationsJune 9, 2014 [1]
Fleet size4
Parent companyGlobal Aviation Holdings
HeadquartersPeachtree City
Georgia, United States
Key peopleJames Casbarro (COO)


North American Airlines was a subsidiary of Global Aviation Holdings, Inc., formerly Global Aero Logistics, Inc. Unlike the other airlines that are or were a part of Global Aviation, ATA Airlines (now defunct) and World Airways (now defunct), North American was founded after airline deregulation in the United States.

North American was established in 1989 and began operations on January 20, 1990. It was founded by Dan McKinnon, former head of the then-Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), mainly to provide feeder services to El Al gateways in North America, and to provide services for Club Med. The cooperation with El Al lasted until the early 2000s when El Al signed a codeshare agreement with Delta Air Lines and began shifting some of its feeder business to Delta instead, while also increasing the use of its own equipment in intra-US travel. El Al held a 24.9% stake in the airline until it sold it back to McKinnon in July 2003. The airline was acquired by World Air Holdings in April 2005.[4]

It began by flying charter flights on Boeing 757 aircraft. The company grew during the 1990s, adding flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico, various spots in Mexico and other destinations. North American also started a scheduled flight from Los Angeles International Airport to JFK to complement El Al's existing Tel Aviv-JFK-LAX run and provide the Israeli airline with more passengers. North American also opened operations in Newark, New Jersey, and Oakland, California, at that time. In addition to their original 757s, North American also operates Boeing 767s for long-range, high-density charter flights.[citation needed]

On April 5, 2007, New ATA Holdings, Inc., bought out North American Airlines parent company World Air Holdings, Inc. and promptly changed the name of the holding company to Global Aero Logistics, Inc. to reflect the worldwide desires of the latest owners. The same firm, MatlinPatterson recently divested themselves of Varig at the end of March 2006, although they still maintain financial interests at its former cargo subsidiary VarigLog (LC). The company was renamed Global Aviation Holdings, Inc., on Feb. 26, 2009. North American shut down in March 2014 for bankruptcy reasons.


North American Boeing 767

North American Airlines discontinued all scheduled operations in May 2008. At the time of this shut down, the airline operated scheduled passenger flights to the following destinations:[5]

United States
Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo Las Americas Airport

Announced on February 19, 2008, North American Airlines planned on discontinuing all scheduled service in May 2008 in favor of concentrating on charter operations.[6] According to a news release on, "What makes NAA's scheduled service operations untenable is the rising cost of fuel, with jet fuel costs increasing 60 percent since 2005. This was a difficult decision, especially in light of the continuing support we have received from the governments and the traveling public in these markets. NAA's modern Boeing 757/767 fleet is in high demand and NAA will redeploy these aircraft profitably in the charter market".

North American Airlines discontinued service to Hawaii as of September 1, 2005. Prior to Delta Air Lines establishing service between New York City and Accra, Ghana, on December 11, 2006, NAA's New York-Accra and Baltimore-Banjul services were the only scheduled non-stop service between the U.S. and West Africa operated by a U.S. airline for several years.[citation needed].

Earlier scheduled service included Aguadilla in Puerto Rico, Santiago and Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic. Each of these routes was canceled after JetBlue Airways began competing on these routes. According to conversations with Dan McKinnon and Steve Harfst (former COO), there was no desire for the company to compete with the low fare cost structure of JetBlue.


North American's charter operations made up the bulk of its business: resorts such as Club Med and tour operators in Hawaii and the Caribbean charter North American's aircraft on a regular basis. Since discontinuing all scheduled service in May 2008, North American Airlines continued to operate until 2014 as solely a charter airline.


As of March 2014, the North American Airlines fleet included 6 aircraft:[7]

North American Airlines 757-200 at the Redmond airport USFS aerial firefighting ramp.
North American Airlines Fleet
Aircraft In Service Storage Passengers Notes
Boeing 757-200ER 1 0 30
Boeing 767-300ER 5 0 30
Total 6 0

As of May 2013, the average fleet age of North American Airlines was 18.1 years.[8]

North American Airlines historical fleet
Aircraft Total Introduced Retired Remark
Boeing 737-800 2 1998 2003 N800NA, N802NA[9]
Boeing 757-200 10 1990 2013 [9]
Boeing 767-300 7 2001 2015 [9]
McDonnell Douglas MD-83 1 1992 1998 N183NA [10]


As a certified United States Department of Defense air carrier, NAA provided military personnel and their dependents air transportation to destinations not served by commercial airlines. North American was the first airline to provide the capability of the Boeing 767 aircraft to the United States Military in 2002. NAA operated military transport flights out of Dallas/Ft.Worth Airport and other locations.[citation needed]

The carrier maintained a long-standing wet lease relationship with Air Jamaica, providing wet-leased 767 aircraft and crew for the airline's Kingston-New York service. In the summer of 2007, Air Jamaica increased its dependence on North American Airlines' services as the Jamaican company struggled to cope with higher-than-expected demand.[11]

North American Airlines also operated charter cargo service to Gibraltar in co-operation with the Odyssey Marine Exploration.[12]

North American Airlines also served as then Senator Barack Obama’s campaign carrier, flying him, his staff and the press through Election Day. When he was named the democratic nominee, the aircraft, a Boeing 757, underwent a major overhaul. The interior was fitted with 4 captains chairs, a table with seating for 4, as well as 16 business class seats for staff. In addition, the exterior was repainted with the campaign logo and slogan “Change We Can Believe In”.

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