Newcastle Inner City Bypass

The Newcastle Inner City Bypass is a road in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia. Alternate titles include State Highway 23, Main Road 123 and H23.[1]

Newcastle Inner City Bypass

Newcastle Inner City Bypass is located in New South Wales
Newcastle Inner City Bypass
Newcastle Inner City Bypass
Newcastle Inner City Bypass
General information
Length15.6 km (9.7 mi)
(upon completion)
Route number(s) A37 M37 (future route number)
route number
State Route 123
Major junctions
Bennetts GreenNew Lambton Heights
(7.6 km)
South end Pacific Highway, Bennetts Green
  • Warners Bay Road
  • Hillsborough Road
  • Myall Road
  • Carnley Avenue
  • Cardiff Road
North endMcCaffrey Drive, New Lambton Heights
(4.9 km)
South endNewcastle Road
  • University Drive
  • Sandgate Road
North end Pacific Highway, Sandgate
Major suburbs
Highway system


The road is divided into five sections.[2] The southernmost section is the West Charlestown Bypass, which is a 6.5-kilometre-long (4.0 mi) freeway standard road that was opened to traffic in 2003.[3] The second section leads up the ridge and consists of parts of Charlestown Road and Lookout Road, which were widened into a divided dual carriageway non-freeway configuration during the 1980s. The third section is a planned freeway diverging from Lookout Road near the intersection of McCaffrey Drive, skirting around the west of the John Hunter Hospital and passing over Newcastle Road to join the fourth section,[4] the Jesmond bypass, which is a freeway that was constructed during the 1990s. The fifth section is another freeway section from the northern end of the Jesmond Bypass to the Pacific Highway at Sandgate.

With the third section of the route not yet completed, a more circuitous route through suburban roads remains in use for the gap between the second and fourth sections. From the end of the Charlestown Bypass, it is necessary to follow Lookout Road, which becomes Croudace Street, before turning left onto Newcastle Road. Approximately 1.3 km (0.8 mi) after turning left, the Inner City Bypass is rejoined by turning right at the Jesmond roundabout.

Pre-construction early works for the northernmost section, between Shortland and Sandgate, began in June 2010. The work to be completed as part of that contract was for digging a cutting where the Sandgate Road bridge has been built over the bypass and filling two other areas, including constructing retaining walls and relocating water mains.[5] The contract for construction of that section was awarded to Reed Constructions in February 2011, with work starting in April 2011.[6] On 28 May 2012 Roads and Maritime Services terminated its contract with Reed Constructions which had been placed in liquidation, and remaining works were completed by Thiess, the prime contractor for the Hunter Expressway.[7]

The Shortland – Sandgate section of the bypass was unofficially opened on 16 January 2014 and opened to traffic on 23 January 2014.[8]

In June 2014, the NSW Government announced it would provide $280 million to complete the third section (i.e. Rankin Park to Jesmond section) of the bypass, including $150 million from Restart NSW.[9] In 2019, it was given the green light[10] and construction began, and there are plans to build a new and improved entrance to the John Hunter Hospital. However there is no opening date known currently.


South endEdit

Bennetts Green0.00.0 Pacific HighwayCharlestown, Belmont, Sydney / Lake Street – WindaleTraffic lights
Hillsborough2.21.4Warners Bay Road – Charlestown, Warners BayHalf-diamond interchange w/ one roundabout, North on / south off only
4.12.5 Hillsborough Road – Charlestown, Warners BayDogbone interchange
Kotara South53.1Myall Road – Cardiff, KotaraNorthbound on and off only
Kotara5.43.4Charlestown Road/Park Avenue/Johnson Street – Cardiff, KotaraSouthbound on and off only
5.63.5Main North railway line through Tickhole Tunnel
5.93.7Kimbarra CloseUncontrolled intersection
6.03.7Peatties RoadTraffic lights
6.23.9Carnley Avenue – BroadmeadowTraffic lights
New Lambton Heights6.44.0Hurn StreetUncontrolled
6.84.2Cardiff Road – CardiffTraffic lights
7.04.3Grandview RoadUncontrolled
7.64.7McCaffrey Drive – Wallsend Continues as Lookout Road
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

North endEdit

Jesmond10.76.6  Newcastle Road – Lambton, Newcastle, Charlestown, WallsendRoundabout
Birmingham Gardens11.77.3University Drive – Birmingham Gardens, Waratah West, University of NewcastleRoundabout interchange
Shortland13.98.6Sandgate Road – Shortland, Hunter Wetlands CentrePartial offset dumbbell interchange, No exit southbound
SandgateMain North railway line
15.69.7 Pacific Highway (Maitland Road) – Hexham, Maitland, TareeTraffic lights
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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