New Vision (electoral alliance)

New Vision was an electoral alliance of independent candidates formed to contest the 2011 Irish general election.

New Vision
FoundedFebruary 2011
Political positionIndependent

The formation of the group was announced at a meeting in Dublin organised by the economist David McWilliams on 31 January 2011. Eamonn Blaney, son of former Independent Fianna Fáil Teachta Dála and minister Neil Blaney, stated that he was launching "a movement called New Vision" and that the group would run candidates in the upcoming general election. He stated that New Vision already had the allegiance of "several strong Independents who will unite around four principles".[1]

The group held a press launch on 9 February 2011 where they revealed the 19 candidates that had agreed to run under the New Vision label. Each candidate had committed to vote en bloc on four issues, but were free to campaign on other national and local issues as they wished. As well as Eamonn Blaney, prominent candidates were his brother MacDara, and Luke 'Ming' Flanagan.[2][3][4]

The four core issues which each New Vision candidate agreed to support were described by the group as:[2]

  1. The separation of bank debt and sovereign debt
  2. A viable strategy to create jobs
  3. The overhaul of politics and the public service
  4. A better deal for the country's natural resources.

The number of independent candidates in the New Vision alliance subsequently rose to 20.[5][6]

A different political party called Fís Nua, which means "New Vision" in Irish, also ran candidates in the 2011 general election.[1][7] Eamonn Blaney stated that he was "unaware of the existence" of Fís Nua when he registered the business and domain names for New Vision.[2]


The candidates in the New Vision alliance received the following votes at the 2011 general election. One candidate, Luke 'Ming' Flanagan was elected.[8]

Constituency Candidate 1st Pref. votes Notes
Cavan–Monaghan John McGuirk 1,708 Eliminated after second count
Cork East Paul O'Neill 1,056 Eliminated after second count
Cork North-Central Pádraig O'Sullivan 1,020 Eliminated after sixth count
Cork South-Central David McCarthy 880 Eliminated after fifth count
Cork South-West David McInerney 493 Eliminated after first count
Paul Doonan 239 Eliminated after first count
Donegal North-East MacDara Blaney 1,228 Eliminated after fourth count
Ryan Stewart 203 Eliminated after first count
Donegal South-West Ann Sweeney 255 Eliminated after second count
Dublin North-East Eamonn Blaney 1,773 Eliminated after seventh count
Dublin North-West Michael J Loftus 217 Eliminated after third count
Dún Laoghaire Mick Crawford 394 Eliminated after third count
Kerry North–West Limerick Mick Reidy 357 Eliminated after third count
Longford–Westmeath David D'Arcy 159 Eliminated after first count
Louth Thomas Clare 2,233 Eliminated after eighth count
Mayo Martin Daly 893 Eliminated after third count
Meath East Sharon Keogan 1,168 Eliminated after first count
Roscommon–South Leitrim Luke 'Ming' Flanagan 8,925 Elected on fourth count
Sligo–North Leitrim Alwyn Love 779 Eliminated after third count
Tipperary North Billy Clancy 1,442 Eliminated after second count


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