New Habba Kadal

New Habba Kadal is a concrete bridge located in the old city of Srinagar, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It was built in 2001 to replace the original Habba Kadal bridge which is a wooden structure first built in 1551. The old bridge is one of the seven original bridges that have existed in the city for a long time and it still exists a few metres downstream of the new bridge.[1][2]

New Habba Kadal
Coordinates34°4′53.16″N 74°48′21.47″E / 34.0814333°N 74.8059639°E / 34.0814333; 74.8059639Coordinates: 34°4′53.16″N 74°48′21.47″E / 34.0814333°N 74.8059639°E / 34.0814333; 74.8059639
CarriesMotor Vehicles, Bicycles, Pedestrians
LocaleSrinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Named forHabba Khatoon
Preceded byBudshah Bridge
Followed byHabba Kadal
Total length100 metres (330 ft)
Width12 metres (39 ft)
ReplacesHabba Kadal

In 2018, the New Habba Kadal bridge was fenced on either side to prevent people from throwing garbage and other waste into the Jhelum river.[3]

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