Downtown Srinagar

Downtown, popularly known as Shahar-e-Khaas, is the largest and the most densely populated area of the city of Srinagar in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The area is mostly located on the banks of Jhelum river about 5 km from city center.[5] The area is considered as the core point in the city as the first inhabitants of the Srinagar lived there. It is considered a seat of resistance as most anti-India protests take place here. In general, the whole area to the north of city centre Lal Chowk is considered a part of downtown although some areas hold high significance.

Downtown (Srinagar)
View of Downtown from Zaina Kadal Bridge
View of Downtown from Zaina Kadal Bridge
Downtown (Srinagar) is located in Jammu and Kashmir
Downtown (Srinagar)
Downtown (Srinagar)
Downtown (Srinagar) is located in India
Downtown (Srinagar)
Downtown (Srinagar)
Downtown (Srinagar) (India)
Coordinates: 34°5′N 74°47′E / 34.083°N 74.783°E / 34.083; 74.783Coordinates: 34°5′N 74°47′E / 34.083°N 74.783°E / 34.083; 74.783
Country India
Union territoryJammu and Kashmir
DistrictSrinagar district
1,585 m (5,200 ft)
 • OfficialKashmiri, Dogri, Urdu, Hindi, English[1][2]
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Distance from Delhi837.4 kilometres (520.3 mi)[3]
Distance from Mumbai2,192.6 kilometres (1,362.4 mi)[4]

The historical buildings and monuments found in the area reflect the design of old times. The residential homes are depicted to be constructed from late-19th century to early-20th century. Many key monuments like Jamia Masjid, Khanqah-e-Moula, Maharaj Gangh and shrines have been built by famous rulers of Kashmir.


The area was settled more than 2000 years ago in 3rd century BC by Raja Pravarsena. The area is the hub of the historical monuments made by the famous rulers of Kashmir.[6] The historical monuments include Jamia Masjid in Nowhatta, Khanqah-e- Moula in Zana Kadal Aali Masjid in Eidgah, Maharaj Ganj tomb in Maharaj Ganj, Pathar (stone) Masjid in Nawabazar, and Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani's shrine in Khanyar. Moreover, the Roza Bal shrine is also situated in the area.


The area is located at 34°05′00″N 74°47′00″E / 34.0833°N 74.7833°E / 34.0833; 74.7833 at an elevation of 1585 meters above mean sea level in Srinagar.


Kashmiri is the main language of the area. People also use Urdu and English as secondary languages. It is estimated that the downtown has the population of half a million which is about 47% of the total population of Srinagar district.[7]


In September 2014 the Indian union territory of kashmir was hit by floods caused by torrential rainfall. The area of Downtown was least affected as compared to the rest of Srinagar, though close to the river, the people from other parts of Srinagar shifted to downtown for safety. Commercial buildings and residential homes and Government offices were shattered to nothing in the adjoining areas. People lost their lives and properties and the whole area was set on the economic back-foot. Schools, hospitals and other places of significant importance were damaged by the floods.[8]


There are number of school and colleges in downtown Srinagar, including Islamia College of Science and Commerce, Women's College and Gandhi Memorial College.

Sub divisionsEdit

The areas which comprising Downtown Srinagar include:-

S.No Name Popularity
1 Nayut High
2 Raze Kadal High
3 Göjwör High
4 Kawdör Medium
5 Saraf Kadal Medium
6 Buhri Kadal High
7 Nov Kadal High
8 Naid Kadal Medium
9 Safa Kadal High
10 Khanyar High
11 Seki Dafar High
12 Ael Kadal Medium
13 Habba Kadal High
14 Fateh Kadal High
15 Kani Kadal Medium
16 Kaed Kadal Medium
17 Dumb Kadal Low
18 Watal Kadal Low
19 Nawab Bazaar High
20 Maharaj Gunj High
21 Zaena Kadal High
22 Khanqah-e-Mohalla High
23 Gratabal Low
24 Tarabal Low
25 Braripoor Medium
26 Bul bul lankar Low
27 Narparistan Low
28 Khoji Baazar Medium
29 Roonwor High
30 Bab Demb Low
31 Zaldagar Low
32 Malarath Medium
33 Lal Bazaar High
34 Narwor Medium
35 Hawal High
36 Eidgah High
37 Noor bagh High
38 Hazratbal High
39 Zadibal High

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