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National Association for Business Economics

The National Association for Business Economics (NABE) is the largest international association of applied economists, strategists, academics, and policy-makers committed to the application of economics.[1] Founded in 1959, it is one of the member organizations of the Allied Social Sciences Association. According to the association's website, "NABE's mission is to provide leadership in the use and understanding of economics.".[2]

National Association for Business Economics
PurposeBusiness economics
HeadquartersWashington, D.C.
Region served
United States
Executive Director
Tom Beers

The association's membership is divided into subject-oriented subdivisions or roundtables including: Financial, Health Economics, International, Manufacturing, Real Estate/Construction, Regional/Utility, Small Business/Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Transfer Pricing. Each roundtable plans and executes webinars and sessions at NABE meetings each year.[3] NABE also has local and student chapters[4] in many cities and much of the United States.[5]



Past presidents of the NABE include former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan. Since 2009, NABE's Executive Director has been Tom Beers, former Chief Economist of the Manufactured Housing Institute and Economist with the National Association of Realtors and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Name Term Position
Dr. George W. McKinney Jr. 1965 - 1966 Senior Vice President, Irving Trust Company
Dr. William Chartener 1967 - 1968 Chief Economist, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Alan Greenspan 1969 - 1970 Townsend,Greenspan & Co.
Dr. Ellen Hughes-Cromwick 2007 - 2008 Chief Economist, Ford Motor Company
Mr. Chris Varvares 2008 - 2009 President, Macroeconomic Advisers
Dr. Lynn Reaser 2009 - 2010 Chief Economist, Point Loma Nazarene University
Dr. Richard L. Wobbekind 2010 - 2011 Director of the Business Research Division and Associate Dean for MBA and Enterprise Programs at the University of Colorado at Boulder
Dr. Gene Huang 2011 - 2012 Vice President & Chief Economist, FedEx
Mr. Ken Simonson 2012 - 2013 Chief Economist, Associated General Contractors of America
Dr. Jack Kleinhenx 2013 - 2014 Chief Economist, National Retail Federation
Dr. John Silvia 2014 - 2015 Managing Director and Chief Economist, Wells Fargo
Ms. Lisa Emsbo-Mattingly 2015 - 2016 Research Director, Asset Allocation, Fidelity Investments
Dr. Stuart Mackintosh 2016 - 2017 Executive Director, The Group of Thirty
Dr. Mine Yucel 2017 - 2018 Senior Vice President and Research Director, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Dr. Kevin Swift 2018 - 2019 Chief Economist, American Chemistry Council
Ms. Constance Hunter 2019 - 2020 Chief Economist, KPMG


  • NABE Annual Meeting: The NABE Annual Meeting features speakers, panel discussions, educational sessions, and networking opportunities. In addition to NABE Members and those in related fields, attendees include business leaders, government officials, analysts, investors, and members of the business media.
  • Economic Policy Conference: Held annually in the spring in Washington, DC, focuses "on the one seemingly-unpredictable variable that regularly confounds many economists and their models: economic policy". Speakers at the Economic Policy Conference typically include leaders from the Federal Reserve Board, Treasury Department, Congressional Budget Office, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and other government agencies, in addition to analysts at think tanks and other institutions.
  • Webinars/Teleconferences: Each of the ten NABE Roundtables conducts regular webinars and teleconferences on topics within its area of interest. These sessions are available to both members and non-members.
  • Publications: NABE offers a variety of publications. Business Economics, its journal - as below - is best known of these.
  • NABE Surveys: NABE regularly conducts three surveys of its membership: the Outlook Survey, the Industry Survey, and the Economic Policy Survey. The NABE Outlook Survey, the most well-known of the NABE surveys, provides the consensus forecast of NABE’s professional economic forecasters.

Education and career developmentEdit

  • Certified Business Economist: NABE offers continuing education through its Certified Business Economist program which features a comprehensive exam developed and administered by the association. Candidates must have at least a four-year degree, and two years of work experience in applied business economics or in a related field.
  • Econometrics Certificate Programs: Offered twice yearly at Federal Reserve Banks, NABE's Econometrics Seminars are among its offerings. Each Summer, NABE offers the Certificate in Applied Econometrics, and each Fall, the Certificate in Time-Series Analysis and Forecasting.
  • NABE career site: caters to those seeking a job or an employee in the field of economics.
  • No accreditation appears to exists for their educational products or services.

Journal publicationEdit

NABE is the publisher of Business Economics, a scholarly journal that covers different aspects of applied economics and is published quarterly.[6] The journal serves as an essential resource and provides practical information for people who apply economics in the workplace. It is the leading forum for debating solutions to critical business problems, analyzing key business and economic issues, and sharing of best-practice models, tools, and hands-on techniques from practitioners in the field of economics.

Adam Smith AwardEdit

Since 1982, NABE has awarded the Adam Smith Award[7] to prominent economists and policy makers that have contributed to business economics. Just some of the recipients of the award include former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in 2014, CEO and President of TIAA-CREF Roger Ferguson in 2013, Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Janet Yellen in 2010,[8] former Director of the National Economic Council Lawrence Summers in 2009, Chief Executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis William Poole in 2006, Professor of Economics at Princeton University Paul Krugman in 1995, and influential economist and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics Milton Friedman in 1989.[9]

Paul A. Volcker Lifetime Achievement Award for Economic PolicyEdit

Each March, NABE presents the Paul A. Volcker Award[10] to a senior policymaker recognizing outstanding contributions to the field of economic and monetary policy in his or her career. Past recipients include:

2013 Paul A. Volcker
2014 Jean-Claude Trichet
2015 Alice Rivlin
2016 Stanley Fischer
2017 Joseph Stiglitz
2018 Mervyn King
2019 Alan Greenspan

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