Nasserist Reform Organisation

The Nasserist Reform Organisation (Arabic: تنظيم التصحيح الشعبي الناصري‎, Tanzim at-Tashikh ash-Shabi an-Nasiri) is a political party in Yemen.

Nasserist Reform Organisation
Arab Nationalism
Arab Socialism


The party was established in 1991 as a merger of the Democratic United Corrective Front and the Nasserite Organisation of Yemen.[1] Despite having an estimated membership of around 100,000,[1] it received only 6,170 votes in the 1993 elections, winning one seat in the House of Representatives.[2] However, the 1997 elections saw its vote share drop from 0.3% to 0.1%, and it lost its parliamentary representation. Despite a small increase in its vote share, it remained seatless following the 2003 elections.


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