The NRING Circuit (also: Нижегородское кольцо) is a FIA Grade 3 race track located near Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. The track opened in 2010 as a professional racing venue. It includes three road courses from 2.009 km to 3.222 km in length. Furthermore the facility contains an oval, a drag strip, a kart track and a training circuit.

NRING Circuit
Smolensk Ring
LocationRussia Bogorodsk
Major eventsRTCC
Length3.222 km (2.002 mi)

Since 2010 the Russian Touring Car Championship stages rounds on this track. Also the Russian Superbike Championship has meetings at the NRING.

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Coordinates: 56°07′23″N 43°35′56″E / 56.123022°N 43.5989°E / 56.123022; 43.5989