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Russian Circuit Racing Series

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The Russian Circuit Racing Series (RCRS) is a national Russian racing series created in 2004. It incorporates four classes: touring, super-production, touring-light, national class and national-junior (since 2015). Sergey Krylov has been the championship's promoter since 2004, in 2014 Oleg Petrikov became promoter of the series.

Russian Circuit Racing Series
CategoryTouring cars
Inaugural season2004
ConstructorsBMW, LADA, SEAT, Renault, Ford, Kia, Volkswagen, Honda, Subaru, Peugeot
Tyre suppliersYokohama
Drivers' championRussia Dmitry Bragin
Teams' championLADA Sport Rosneft
Motorsport current event.svg Current season


Classes in detailEdit

Race queens of RTCC, 2011


The international category where cars with two-litre engines and some physical alterations compete. The championship is similar in class to conditions in most other European countries that compete for the Cup of Europe ETCC and the World Championship WTCC.

Typical representatives include: BMW 320, Audi A4, Subaru BRZ, Honda Civic and Accord, Chevrolet Lacetti and Cruze, SEAT León.


  • Engine: 2000 cm³
  • Power: 290 HP
  • Minimum weight: 1110 kg
  • Speed: 250 km/h

TCR Russian SeriesEdit

In 2015 it was announced that cars under the new TCR regulations (as used in the TCR International Series) will be eligible to compete alongside the Touring class, but also have their standalone classification.

Typical representatives include: SEAT León Cup Racer, Audi RS3 LMS TCR, LADA Vesta TCR and Renault Megane RS


RTCC 2010

Cars with 1600cc engines compete in this class. Technical regulations are similar with R2B and S1600 international regulations.

Typical representatives include: Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, Lada Kalina, Kia Rio, Renault Twingo Sport, Peugeot 208 GTI.


  • Engine: 1600 cm³
  • Power: 180 HP
  • Minimum weight 1000 kg
  • Speed: 170 km/h


This is an international category where cars with the two litre engine compete.

Typical representatives: Honda Civic, Subaru BRZ, Lada Granta.


  • Engine: 2000 cm³
  • Power: 240 HP
  • Minimum weight: 1110 kg
  • Speed: 185 km/h

National classEdit

1600сс engine category for cars assembled in the territory of the Russian Federation. The small number of allowed changes in construction makes this category the cheapest for participation (except Junior class).

Typical representatives: Lada Kalina, Lada 112, Lada Riva, Renault Logan/Sandero, VW Polo, Kia Rio.


  • Engine: 1600 cm³
  • Power: to 150 HP
  • Minimum weight: 1000 kg
  • Speed: to 160 km/h

National-Junior classEdit

Category for drivers from 12 to 16 years old. Cars are similar to the National class but are less technically advanced. They are also cheaper for participation.

Typical representatives: Lada Kalina, Lada Samara, VW Polo.


  • Engine: 1600 cm³
  • Power: to 130 HP
  • Minimum weight: 1000 kg
  • Speed: to 145 km/h


Season Touring Touring-Light Super-Production National Cup National Junior
Drivers' Champion Teams' Champion Drivers' Champion Teams' Champion Drivers' Champion Teams' Champion Drivers' Champion Teams' Champion Drivers' Champion Teams' Champion
Russian Circuit Racing Series
2017 Dmitry Bragin LADA Sport Rosneft Denis Bulatov Podmoskovie Motorsport Mikhail Mityaev Lada Sport Rosneft Aydar Nuriev Rally Academy Maxim Kornilkov Rally Academy
2016 Dmitry Bragin Lukoil Racing Dmitry Bragin Lada Sport Rosneft Maksim Chernev URT Subaru Team Lukoil Vladimir Sheshenin B-Tuning Pro Racing Team Anton Gavrichenkov None
2015 Aleksey Dudukalo Lukoil Racing Dmitry Bragin Lada Sport Rosneft Maksim Chernev Innocenti Lada Sport Dmitry Bragin STK Taifmotorsport Gleb Kuznetsov None
2014 Mikhail Grachev AMG Motorsport Boris Shulmeyster Sports Racing Technologies Andrei Maslennikov Ralf-Car Team Vladimir Sheshenin Lukoil Racing Team Lada Not held
Russian Racing Championship
2013 Mikhail Grachev AMG Motorsport Pavel Kalmanovich Lukoil Racing Team Lada Vladimir Strelchenko Ralf-Car Team Egor Sanin KGOO STK MX-Autosport Not held
2012 Aleksandr Frolov TNK Racing Team Mikhail Grachev PSM Team80 Vasiliy Krichevskiy Khimki Motorsport Vladimir Sheshenin AvtoVAZ PROO Not held
Russian Touring Car Championship
2011 Aleksandr Frolov Orenburg Racing Aleksandr Sotnikov Lukoil Racing Viktor Kozankov Honda Cheryomushki Vadim Meshcherjakov Autoclod-afso Not held
2010 Mikhail Ukhov TNK Racing Mikhail Kozlovskiy Lukoil Racing Viktor Kozankov Honda Cheryomushki Vasiliy Mezentsev Krasnoe koltso Not held
2009 Vladimir Strelchenko Khimki Motorsport Aleksey Dudukalo Lukoil Racing Mikhail Zasadych Prology Racing Team Aleksey Filimonov None Not held
2008 Aleksey Basov RED WINGS Aleksey Dudukalo Lukoil Racing Pavel Fedorov Prology Racing Team Aleksandr Zheltov TAXI-2 Technical Consulting Not held
2007 Aleksandr Lvov Golden Motors Aleksandr Sotnikov Dinamo Autosport Aleksey Basov STK Rally Podmoskovie Nikita Vasilyev Jackpot Not held
2006 Vladimir Labazov AVTODOM Racing Anton Markin Dinamo Autosport Vladimir Cherevan Korus Autosport Igor Fillipov Kaluga Motorsport Not held
2005 Vladimir Nechaev AVTODOM Racing Aleksandr Sotnikov Dinamo Autosport Ilya Burenko Forza Sport Artem Kazyavin SKP Not held
2004 Grigoriy Komarov MTS AC Racing Vladimir Labazov Dinamo ASSTI Not held Roman Kozyavin SPK Tolyatti Not held
Before RTCC
2003 Mikhail Ukhov MTS AC Racing Anton Smekalkin None Not held
2002 Grigoriy Komarov MTS AC Racing Vladimir Nechaev None Not held
2001 Aleksandr Lvov Master-Pilot Mikhail Ukhov None Not held
2000 Mikhail Ukhov MTS AC Racing Not held
1999 Vladimir Sukhov AC Racing Not held
1998 Oleg Kesselman Avtostil Azart MSP Not held