Mykyta the Fox

Mykyta the Fox (Ukrainian: Лис Микита) is the first Ukrainian animated series made in the country since it declared independence. The series is based on the eponymous satirical fairy tale in verse by Ivan Franko (an adaptation of the popular European tale of Reynard). The budget of the series amounted to UAH 10 million (according to alternative data, UAH 6 million). A theatrical pre-release was held at Kinopalats in Kyiv on 15 June 2007.[1] The series premiered on TV in 2009 on Pershyi Natsionalnyi after it had been already released on DVD in 2008.[1] The cartoon was also broadcast in other countries, including Latvia, Hungary, Poland and Turkey.

Mykyta the Fox
Лис Микита
Created byVolodymyr Kmetyk, Pavlo Movchan
Directed byVolodymyr Kmetyk
Country of originUkraine
Original languageUkrainian
No. of episodes26
Running time15 min


The series tells the story of a witty and cunning fox Mykyta, his adventures and relationships with his fellow animals.


  • Mykyta the Fox
  • Burmylo the Bear
  • Hektor the Puppy
  • The Vixen
  • The Lion
  • Murlyka the Cat
  • Nesyty the Wolf
  • Bazyliy the Goat
  • The Hare
  • The Cock
  • The Sheep
  • Fruzia the Monkey



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